VPS Server

A virtual private server or VPS is the ideal cost-effective solution for businesses and organizations with computing demands that can fluctuate between minimal and extremely high traffic.

Businesses that only require a digital presence, such as small law firms, can manage with a shared server that hosts multiple customers, which enables them to pay the lowest price possible. Organizations or businesses characterized by consistently high computing requirements, such as big online stores, can meet their needs only by using a dedicated physical server, namely: a server whose entire resources are allocated to the business, which enables it to provide the fast response time required. However, both the dedicated server and shared server options are inappropriate for organizations or businesses such as advertising firms and travel agencies. Such businesses, which are characterized by activity spikes due to seasonal peaks like holidays and elections, can be best served by a VPS Server that allows owners to review at each stage the system's status, its resource consumption.

By using the system found in every VPS Server, a business with fluctuating and sometimes unpredictable computing demands can at any time increase the system’s resource consumption immediately when the need arises and then lower it back to normal levels.

Kamatera, Israel's largest provider of cloud computing infrastructure, has 13 server farms worldwide and offers flexible deployment and pricing plans. By using Kamatera's VPS pricing plans you can have your choice of features and capabilities and only pay for the components you use at any given moment.