Windows VPS Servers

A virtual private server (VPS) provides users with additional computing resources and enhanced control, by dividing the server among a small group of customers.
In so doing, it allows organizations to deploy full websites and eCommerce models without incurring costs of high-end dedicated servers.

VPS is typically reserved for about a dozen clients, and acts as a dedicated server regardless of the number of virtual environments contained by the physical server.
VPS for Windows Server - namely, virtual server set-ups that use a Windows interface and Windows server management tools - allow organizations to benefit from the vast amounts of time, funds, and talents invested by Microsoft into developing hosting solutions.

Coupled with the unparalleled training and documentation resources offered by Microsoft, Windows VPS Servers provide a well-established solution that is second to none in the virtualization industry.

Kamatera offers both Windows VPS Server and Windows VPS cloud Server. The biggest advantage of using Windows VPS cloud Server is its price that is much lower than that of a dedicated cloud server, due to the ability to share it among many customers. In addition, you can create an unlimited number of virtual machines, both Windows-based and Linux-based, in your Windows VPS cloud.

A virtual server may serve many purposes, such as SharePoint, email, CRM, ERP, backup, and Exchange. Using Kamatera’s flexible deployment and pricing plans allows you to choose which features and capabilities you would like to have, and pay only for the components you choose while scaling your system up and down as required.