Cheapest Windows VPS Server

The Virtual Private Servers (VPS) market, which already enjoys a large market share in North America, is expected to double its size in the next few years according to a recent report.

Unlike the much costlier dedicated server, a VPS is based on physical server whose resources are divided among a small group of customers. As a result, VPS is the optimal alternative for small and medium businesses (SMBs), as well as larger businesses such as big law or accountancy firms whose computing requirements are less demanding than that of an online store or a big interactive website. Each of the dozen or so clients that share a VPS can deploy full websites and eCommerce models and benefit at any given moment from resources equivalent to having a dedicated server, regardless of how many virtual environments the physical server contains.

VPS servers are largely divided into Linux VPS servers and VPS for Windows Server. Linux VPS is the cheaper alternative, because it is based on an open source-based code that is free to use. Still, many businesses and organizations who do not have the skilled, tech savvy personnel required for managing a Linux VPS server find Windows VPS Server cheap compared with Linux VPS. However, they still want the Cheapest Windows VPS Server available without compromising on processing power and website availability.

Kamatera, Israel’s largest provider of VPS and cloud computing solutions, offers Windows VPS Server cheap plans, which can be upgraded at any moment. Thanks to its flexible deployment and pricing plans, Kamatera can offer its customers the Cheapest Windows VPS Servers solutions. You can pay only for the resources you choose - for example, use the VPS several hours each day or build your server with less RAM and processors - while scaling your system up and down as needed.