Windows SSD VPS Hosting

A virtual private server (VPS) is the advisable solution for organizations and businesses that would like to deploy full websites and eCommerce models without the high costs involved in using high-end dedicated servers. By dividing the server among a small group of customers, a VPS allows users to benefit from more computing resources and from enhanced control. Despite serving about a dozen clients, a VPS acts as a dedicated server regardless of the number of virtual environments contained in the physical server.

When selecting a VPS solution, site owners can choose between Linux and Windows hosting services. While Linux, as an open source platform, is the cheaper solution, many site owners who do not have the skilled personnel required for maintaining Linux servers prefer to use VPS for Windows Server. This choice is motivated by the friendlier Windows interface and Windows server management tools, as well as the vast documentation and training resources Microsoft makes available.

Kamatera, Israel’s largest provider of cloud computing infrastructure services, provides the best VPS solutions in Israel. Behind each VPS server there is a physical server that only uses servers with Solid State Drives (SSD) and Intel Xeon Platinum (Cascade Lake) processors. Due to its shorter and optimized I/O response time, Kamatera’s Windows SSD VPS solution is much faster than a VPS that contains a rotating hard disk (HDD). As a result, Windows SSD VPS hosting is the optimal choice for server applications, especially database and index files that create I/O bottlenecks. Combined with the 24/7 support and monitoring, Kamatera’s Windows SSD VPS is the best VPS solution available in Israel.

Kamatera offers Windows SSD VPS hosting that are second to none, with flexible deployment and pricing plans, which allow you to pay only for the components you choose to use at any given moment.