Best Windows VPS Server

Businesses and organizations that want to have more computing resources and better control often opt for a virtual private server (VPS), which meets these requirements by dividing the server among a small group of customers. Thus, organizations can deploy full websites and eCommerce models while avoiding the costs of high-end dedicated servers.

A VPS Server solution is typically divided into two main types: Linux VPS Server, whose running requires highly skilled personnel, and Windows VPS Server - namely, virtual server set-ups that use the much more user-friendly Windows interface and Windows server management tools. Many organizations choose to use Windows VPS Server, thereby benefitting from the vast amounts of time, funds, and talents invested by Microsoft into developing hosting solutions, as well as the unparalleled training and documentation resources offered by Microsoft.

While looking for the best Windows VPS Server, many organizations express their concern that increasing the number of devices connected to the system increases the risk of having a single point of failure, namely: a part of the system that, if fails, will stop the entire system from working. Other major considerations are the system’s response time and its ability to adapt to the varying needs of the user by offering the ability to scale up and down.

Kamatera, Israel’s largest provider of VPS and cloud computing solutions, offers its customer the best Windows VPS Server solution available. Kamatera’s systems have no single point of failure and offer 99.9% guaranteed availability. Add to that Kamatera’s flexible deployment and pricing plans, which can be upgraded at any moment, the 13 Data centers owned by Kamatera in Israel and worldwide, and the ability to scale your system up and down as needed, and you get a Windows VPS Server solution that is second to none.