Windows Server Hosting

When choosing hosting services, in most cases the considerations can be summed up in a single word: stability. A good hosting company, one whose customers keep trusting over time and that continuously makes new customers, is measured by its ability ensure that customers continuously receive top notch maintenance, and security of the websites hosted by its servers.

Organizations mostly choose between a Linux Hosting Server, which is suitable for hosting Joomla and WordPress systems, and a Windows Hosting Server that allows hosting .net systems.

Windows Hosting Servers use Microsoft’s proprietary system, which is much more easy to operate and user-friendly, and of course merge seamlessly with other Microsoft applications such as MS Office and SQL Server. While using Windows Hosting Servers requires buying a dedicated software, unlike the open source Linux system, they are much more suitable for hosting websites created by using A Windows Hosting Server is also automatically updated by Microsoft, thereby saving the time and effort required for manual updates. Nevertheless, while Windows Servers Hosting works best with Microsoft products it by no means require you to use only Microsoft apps; you can use apps such as WordPress, Joomla, and phpBB through an easy, one-click installation.

Using a Windows Server Hosting solution significantly reduces the implementation time, as it does not require you to invest the time and effort involved in hiring skilled and experienced personnel needed for running a free, open-source software (FOSS). Windows Server Hosting allows quick full-scale deployment by using graphic and intuitive tools. Windows Servers Hosting also supports the excellent control panel Plesk, which is more user-friendly than its main rival cPanel and has cleaner, better organized GUI.

When selecting a hosting service, be it Linux or Windows, one of the most significant considerations is the website’s response time. Even the best Windows Server Hosting can be slower if the server used for hosting your website is physically located outside of Israel.

Kamatera, Israel’s largest provider of cloud computing infrastructure services, has 13 data centers, of which five are located in Israel. All of Kamatera’s data centers meet the strictest global quality and security standards. Coupled with a 24*7 service in Hebrew, Kamatera provides the best Windows Server Hosting services. In addition, Kamatera offers a highly fast and reliable service for establishing and deploying computing infrastructure, and allows you to customize your computing resources by scaling up or down.