Cheap Windows Server Hosting

Windows Server- by far the most suitable solution if you plan to run Windows-based applications - offers a great degree of flexibility, including numerous customizations that allow scaling the hosting services up and down.

Cheap Windows Server hosting does not have to come at a price, because a Windows Server with fewer resources can provide high performance and be upgraded at any moment. Windows Server Hosting price can be reduced or increased as needed by selecting the relevant combinations of number of CPUs, amount of RAM, amount of SSD storage and so on. You can control your resource consumption, decrease the available resources when the volume of activity is lower and increase the number of resources when the traffic to the website or the production volume is higher. For example, Windows Server hosting cheap offerings are usually accomplished by using a virtual private Server (VPS); if the increase in the activity of your website or production environment is constant and continuous, you may want to switch from cheap Windows Server hosting VPS to a dedicated Windows Server. The opposite scenario is also possible, allowing you to switch to a Windows Server hosting cheap solution once a peak period is over.

Kamatera, Israel’s largest provider of cloud computing and services, provides storage services in each of the possible configuration - shared server, VPS, and dedicated server. Kamatera’s customers can switch between storage plans at any given moment, to cope with the transition from low-key activity - which can be served by the cheapest Windows Server hosting solution - to higher consumption levels, thereby affecting the Windows Server hosting price.

For example, while the cheapest Windows Server hosting solution does not use any active domains, you can add Plesk web admin domains (10 or higher), public IPs and so on. In addition Kamatera offers unique services such as hourly pricing model, when the customer does not pay when the Server is in active, and a dedicated core, when the CPU’s core, memory, and RAM storage are exclusively allocated to the customer’s account without time division.