Windows Server

Every business needs digital presence, and one of the first decisions that should be taken when establishing such a presence is the choice of hosting services. Regardless if your business or organization may only need a minimal website to enable customers to create offline contact’ or if you run a startup with a development environment, in any case you need to decide at a very early stage whether to use Linux or Windows hosting services.

Many startups opt for Linux, because they prefer open source solutions and have the experienced and technically skilled personnel required for managing Linux-based systems. However, Windows Servers offer a much more attractive solution if you are not deterred by the need to pay for licenses and appreciate Windows’ user-friendly GUI and ease of operation.

Choosing Windows for Servers that host websites created by using is an obvious decision, but Windows Servers offer much more: seamless integration with other Microsoft applications such as MS Office and SQL Server, automatic updates by Microsoft, shorter learning curve, easier deployment and maintenance and so on. In addition, you can very easily use Windows for Servers that run apps such as WordPress, Joomla, and phpBB through, and manage your environment by using the highly intuitive and user-friendly Plesk control panel. Microsoft also offers the highly reliable RDP connection, which allows you to remotely connect to a single user or to multiple users anywhere around the world.

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